Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ma was from Siam Pa was from Persia Win $10 gift certificate

Meet Tiger. She picked us when she was a kitten and she's been dominating the house ever since. Her Mother was a full blood Siamese and her father was a full blood white Persian. The vet said her markings make her a CALICO. We named her Tiger because of the markings on her face. I wanted to give her the Persian name for Tiger but all the sites kept giving it to us in Farsi which I can't read. A magican doing an act in Neiman Marcus of all places gave us the translation for Tiger. I think he said it was BOHA.

Win a $10.00 gift certificate if you can name the modern day countries of Siam and Persia. You have to leave a comment on this post and join my email list. You have until Sunday June 25 at midnight (est) to answer. I will use to pick the winner from the entries. The gift certificate can only be used in my shop at

1.You have to leave your answer in a comment to THIS post and join my mailing list.
2.Extra entries can be had my going to my shop and finding something you would like to buy with the gift certificate and leaving a comment on this post. or
3. Liking my wirequeenfanpage and leaving a comment here that you
did this.

The answers are Persia=Iran   Siam =Thailand
I am amazed that no one answered.
Good luck.



  1. You have put a good effort on it and good effort always attracts other . Whatever you have shared is very good and charming . Cat is looking very different . Keep it up and go ahead , Congratulations

  2. Thank you. Thanks for visiting. Come back again.