Monday, June 6, 2011

Feature Monday Lining Up Artists for Summer

I've been MIA lately, had to get get B'girl off to camp. Lining up artists for the rest of summer so I can get them scheduled. Making new pieces. Preparing for fall season. Planning takes time, but sometimes its best to stop, review where you are and see what changes need to be made. What's that saying, "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result."

Lets stay sane people. Smile

I'm going to have some interesting artists this summer who are pushing the enevolope and others who are more mainstream but have followed their own vision. I like to mix things up and especially look through the glasses of another person to get a different prespective. This helps you to grow and stretch, since each of us has walked a different path to get to this day and time.

I'm doing more mixed media and fiber art this summer. I'll have to get my goodies photographed (not my strongest skill). My website is almost done which I'll anounce once its ready. I don't want to do any promotions or giveaways until I can send folks to my site.

My background is in international trade so I've reentered that market. I'll be bringing you info from around the world that impacts the arts.

I still want to enjoy B-girl being out this summer, looking forward to just hanging out.

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