Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Attended the premier of "The Beaver" with Mel Gibson and Jody Foster

Last night we attended the premier of the "The Beaver" At Scottsdale Fashion Square.  Mel Gibson and Jody Foster starred with Jody Foster directing. The subject matter clinical depression and mental illness is hard to  convey on the big screen without losing your audience. This film nailed it showing both how the depressed person unravels and the effects it has on those around them. More importantly it showed the various forms depression can take based on different scenarios. A very hard subject matter to covey losing without your audience. Jody Foster nailed it. She kept the pace moving not allowing you time to withdraw or put up protective shields for what might be around the next corner.

 I've been a Mel Gibson fan since his Mad Max days so its good to see him back  in the saddle. He nailed the main character playing a middle aged man who is severely depressed and has done the "traditional treatments" without success. He finds his own coping mechanism hence the title.

One of the side families had a kid die from a drug overdose and no one was dealing with their emotions and the impact this had on their lives. They were all sweeping it under the rug and acting as if everything was just peachy. Yet peaches will rotten if not properly cared for, so it is with humans and their psyche. Their not talking about the death was manifesting in crippling ways to the family.

People in the audience laughed and cried at difference scenes some very funny which you would not have expected given the subject matter. Even a gory scene was dealt with in a way to give full impact without slapping you in the face with blood and gore.

I don't want to give out to many details because you have to see it presented in the context of the entire film, but The Beaver is well worth the price of admission. I will be going back a second time and paying to see what I missed from the first viewing. The film was that deep and that good.

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