Monday, May 2, 2011

Name This stone and win $10.00 Gift Certificate

My photography skills do not do this stone justice. I can't remember the name of the stone, it look like a flower. I'm told it grows from another stone as if its flowering. Beautiful shimmer in the gray ridge as if it has thousands of sparkle points.

I have a $10.00 gift certificate to the first person  who can name the stone and give me a link to its properties.

 Make sure you leave me an email with your comment.


  1. It looks like some sort of druzy, but not certain.

  2. "Listening ear"
    "Vincent Van Gough's ear"

  3. Looks like a filled in geode(Metamorphic Rock)see the following:

  4. you can take it to a Musuem or to a local college to be identfy. A geode?