Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playing With Copper: Cowrie Shell Ear Spears

I love all things Cowrie Shell. One writer/researcher has stated,"Though out history the cowrie shell has been viewed as the "Divine Vulva" the ultimate symbol of womanhood. I guess that;s why in western African you had to provide so many cowries shells as a bride price. The cowrie was also used as the first money in this same area. Here in Scottsdale Arizona, I was surprised to see it used as embroidery on an ancient native American robe. I asked the lady wearing it how they came to have it. she smiled and stated, We traded with them for the shells."

I did the cowrie shells as my version of ear spears. I also do them in sterling silver. The copper is a round 18gage wire. Most ear wires are 24-28 gage. So if you want a pair and have tiny holes I can make them in a thinner wire.

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