Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing with Copper and Volunteering in Phoenix

You'll know I did these copper earrings in a batch for a customer who wanted a selection to choose from. I posted a group picture and am posting these rest of them individually this weekend. The dear man said I was under pricing my work. Smile.

This is thick 18 gage wire (The smaller the number the thicker the wire.). You'll know my love affair with the cowrie shell (The symbol of the "Divine Vulva" was one writer/researcher on women's symbols put it.). You can't get anymore feminine that.

I did my volunteer bit last night for the Cultural Cup Food bank(  make a donation please no matter the size.) at Arizona State University's College of Public Programs entitled," Action, Advocacy, Arts" . In a word "AWESOME" event. I will be adding pictures. I even had a caricature done. that I will be posting . I think I want to use it as the image on my facebook fanpage. So I'll get it posted and you can tell me what you think. I also fascinated by the art work that was on the wall as I came in, turns out the artists were women in prison who are part of sister Fatima Halim's prison project. I'm going to feature it as one of my Wednesday art organizations in April.

Yes, I do leave out of Scottsdale sometimes. Smile

Love Y'all have a great week end.

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