Sunday, March 6, 2011

Womens History Month: Billie Holiday My Tribute Piece

My Billy Holiday Pendant/ brooch is a free form Bloody Basin Agate. The stone looks like a storm of blood droplets captured in mid flight. I heard the song "Strange Fruit" when I was in my twenties and living in Houston, Texas. I could never get the song out of my head. The song started playing in my head as soon as I saw this stone. The brooch/pendant is my tribute to Lady Day as Billie Holliday was affectionately known. Perfect for the current 40's vintage look worn at the shoulder.  Wear when you want to set yourself apart. One of a kind is such an overworked term but this is an original, the stone cannot be duplicated.

Handcrafted by one of my favorite gem cutters from Mid-Michigan. He began cutting stone in his twenties. I met he and his wife at a show.  He would save certain stones for me and I would bring him pictures of what I had made with the stone. We were like co-conspirators (or little kids in a candy store sharing a new candy). We would be in a corner pouring over the stones and the details. His wife would laugh at us and other customers would  try to see what we were looking at. (Who knew Africa had turquoise?). Unfortunately, he was self-taught and didn't know the dangers of breathing some of the stones when he started out. He joined the Ancestors in his sixties.

May he rest in peace.

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Enjoy the day.

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