Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fine Silver Wire Jewelry

Heart shaped earrings of Fine Silver (99.9% silver). Show your love for yourself when you wear these pure silver and light weight earrings. Ear wires are sterling silver.

Earrings from the top of the ear wires at their longest point are:

2 inches.
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Ellen Earrings are part of my fine Silver (99.9% pure silver) wire collection. When I was shaping these freehand I thought of the propeller pods that I loved to watch fall twirling from the trees in the Midwest.
You will enjoy wearing these lightweight earrings everyday. The ear wires are handcrafted of fine silver as well. I include ear stoppers with every earring purchase. I love the glow of fine silver. You have to see it to appreciate.

From the top of the earwires they are 3 inches by one inch.

I picked up some fine silver wire (99.9% Silver) wire in 18gage and began playing with it. I just started creating shapes of image I grew up with as I started shaping the wire with my hands.The wire is 18gage (the lower the number the thicker the wire) is a thicker wire and a little harder to work with but I used this thicker gage because it is almost all silver. I have work harden the wire to give you years of wearablity.  I don't draw or use one of those pegboard thingies. I either dream the image or just pick up some wire and play with it. My version of drawing leaves a lot to be desired so I don't sketch out anything. I use the movie projector in my head and just follow that. Smile.

I will post two other pieces tomorrow of some other pieces I have made using the fine silver wire.

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