Sunday, January 23, 2011

Self Challenge When Told You Can't Do Fill in the Blank

It's Sunday Morning and as I got up to prepare for prayer I was thinking about,"What I could to do enhance my business and push my self to do better?". I am a firm believer in self challenges. All my life, society told me I couldn't do certain things because of, race, gender, height, wearing locks before they were fashionable, surviving illness and any other foolishness a person could dream up. I always used those "You cant's" as self challenges to motivate me to do what I set out to do. Whenever I was striving for a goal and got tired, discouraged whatever, I would replay that persons' voice who told me I couldn't. This always gave me that boost I needed to reach my goal.

So now to self challenge myself I'm going to make one new item everyday for the rest of the year. People who know me personally know that I can be very prolific. I will make a bunch of items in a sitting and them not make anything for a while. So what I'm working on here is consistency to make myself create something each day. Maybe I'll learn some new skills as I get bored easily.

My Granddaddy who passed just shy of his 96 birthday taught me that you should learn something new everyday. When Granddaddy turned 90 I asked him if there was anything left for him to learn. He smiled and told me what he had learned new that day. He then said," Baby you should not stop learning until they throw dirt on your face."

I expect this to be an interesting journey so sign up for my RSS or join or link to my blog and lets' see where the path goes. Let me know what your self challenges are or have been and how you dealt with it. I'd really like to know.

The challenge will start Tuesday January 25, 2011.

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