Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adjustable Rings Part II

I had a ball creating these rings. I finally got them photographed (still working on my photography skills) and I'm  listing them in batches on my site. Here's part of the most current batch. Blogger's acting quirky and wouldn't let me put the words over the pictures.

Picture #1 is a Blister pearl. Love them , each one is uniquely different. The very first one I had I bought it because it reminded me of the "Madonna and child image". The lady who purchased it didn't want anyone to touch it. Smile.

Picture #2 I can't remember what the heck it is, I've had it for so long. If you know the name of the stone be the first person to leave it for me and I'll give you a ten% off one item on my Artfire store.

Picture #3  is of course Tigereye. One of my favorites and believed to be a stone of protection for women. When I did a lot of shows, I always had Tigereye in many different shapes and sizes on my table. I made it into jewelry for men and women. Something about the stones beauty just draws you in.

Picture #4  I believe its green chalcadony. This such a deep green rich color.

Picture #5 is another favorite, Botswana Agate. I really want to visit Botswana, I have met some wonderful people from there.

Please let me know what you think of these rings. As always you can click on the title to purchase.

Enjoy your weekend.

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