Friday, January 14, 2011

My I Heart Breakfast Basket

I went through the basket and discovered I heart breakfast rings (really nice) and cereal bowls. Even my kitten Tiger got into the act, climbing to the basket and making it her playground. I am on a restrictive diet so I was loving it when I saw all the gluten free products.

I  took a class to  do  voice overs last year. I have always had a distinctive voice so I might as well put it to use. I had my daughter on the floor crying with laughter as I did the old General Mills commercials in different voices. Commercials during the 1960's through 80"s that were well before her time (She's twelve). I'll have to make a YouTube of the voices and upload it.

I'm going to make a trail mix with the Chex cereals. I'm from a big family and my parents are Southerners and very creative cooks. My parents would mix Chex cereal .with popcorn, nuts, sunflower seeds , roasted pumpkin seeds, raisins,berries or whatever else was in season. Throw some seasonings in and we were good to go.

I going to mix some up for my daughter and post pictures.

Did you know Trix is good with your morning yogurt? Who knew!

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  1. The jewelry is beautiful..I will look around. Welcome to blogging; I am visiting and following via Java!