Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day VI Crocheted Scarf From Sari Silk Strips

Good Morning! I finally completed the crocheting of the scarf with silk sari strips. This was way more tedious than I had anticipated, so it took three times as long. I love to crotchet , it has always been easier for me than knitting. May have something to do with my being  left handed, its just easier for me. I still haven't decided whether to make a sari silk necklace for the turquoise set or use sterling silver chain.

I have show today at a local bookstore which asked me to be the featured artist. I'll try and finish the crocheted hat while I'm there.

 I finally got my creating rhythm going. I made rings and cowrie shell pendants and an ocean jasper and copper ring. You can tell photography is the bane of my existence. Shows up in the photograph of the ocean jasper and copper ring.  I have new glasses on order without that blank coating that acts like sunglasses. I'm hoping seeing better will help my photography skills. Smile. Here's the photos.

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