Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day IV and V New Creations Crazy Wire Rings

I attended a seminar on selling since I know I'm rusty in some areas.  I woke up ill and was going to skip the seminar. My daughter I had kept home because she tried a new nonherbal tea for breakfast and it made her hurl. She started feeling better and wanted to go to school. (I know I'm blessed. How many kids would opt for school on a Friday if they could stay home? )The seminar and school were close to each other so I might as attend since I had to go out.

Best decision I'd made in a long time. The seminar leader was very good. He didn't stand there and throw sell, sell ,sell at you. We were walked through a series of exercises and writings to make you focus on  the way you have to sell in this timeframe. Best to two hours I've spent in a seminar in a long time.

I went home and started working on new items. I crocheted a scarf for Friday but it took so long because I was using the silk sari strands that I had purchased on etsy that I was getting frustrated. I put that done and started crocheting a cap like the purple one my daughter is wearing in an earlier post. I got tired of that and picked up some wire, a new style adjustable ring and some  rose quartz  and fancy jasper faceted teardrop beads. I also put clear quartz and amethyst dagger beads on my work tray.

Here are the results.

I'm going to call these my crazy wire. You can click on the link to purchase.

What do you think?

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