Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do You Celebrate Kwanzaa?

I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan. I now live in Scottsdale,Arizona. I went from the #1 Chocolate City to the 5th whitest city in America. Yes there was a cultural shock. I celebrate Kwanzaa no matter where I am if I have to celebrate it with just my daughter and myself.

In Detroit its a very big deal with Kwanzaa Celebrations going on every night. Kwanzaa has grown from a Black American Celebration to one that is celebrated world wide. All communities are now celebrating Kwanzaa. People celebrate at home, in the workplace and at their houses of worship. Gatherings go from informal to very elaborate events where people rent nightclubs, Museum of African American History and other large venues. Many of them including the City Hall Building allow vendors to come sell and disseminate info about their businesses.

Truly celebrating the principle and purpose of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa provides a way to Buy Black and shop local. Many consumers discover businesses they never knew existed and continue to patronize after the season.

Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Whether you celebrate or not it is a gift buying season with emphasis on handcrafted items as gifts. If you sell product you really show have Kwanzaa as part of your marketing strategy. There are now many who no longer celebrate Christmas because it has become so commerical and they only celebrate in church. Many of these same people celebrate Kwanzaa because it is a time of communal sharing and the emphasis on handcrafted gifts.

Do you celebrate or ignore Kwanzaa?

Click on the title to learn how to celebrate Kwanzaa.

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