Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving. Don't you just hate it.

I hate moving with a passion. In my case I'm not going to have a choice I have to move so that everything is on one floor. I'd want to hear about surgery or anything involving a scapel. LOL. I admit it, I'm chicken.

Moving is so disruptive, yet it does give you the opportunity to declutter and streamline. You know how you hoarders can be. I'm going to use this and ten years later you still haven't used it. I started the end of last year decluttering and getting rid of things my I really wasn't going to use in my art.

Now I have to tackle my 11year old dear daughter's room. She is very artistic and can take anything and make art out of it. She has an awesome design eye. This is going to take all my diplomatic skills to get this done.

Her favorite store is having a sale, a carrot instead of a stick. Hmmm. Stay tuned kids.

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