Monday, July 29, 2013

Product Review: Manetane Beauty

Hi All!

I'm  member of a Black natural hair group on I won the draw to write the review of Manetane Beauty's products. My youngest daughter was the model for the product. This is her just before we moved to Arizona from Michigan. Michigan's water is soft while Arizona has extremely hard water.

The second picture is Syeda's hair now. We have gone through many products since moving here and none have really worked around the water problem.

I had Syeda wash her hair. I then followed the process as described on the meeting. I oiled her scalp with the shea based cream. I then added oil down the shaft of the hair as I braided it.  This was her up do for cheer. Her hair was soft and manageable. There was a beautiful sheen to her hair and it was not oily. Syeda was not expecting to like the product, but she did. She's a Miss Jessie's product fan.

We took a weekend trip to Las Vegas which  was extremely hot and humid that weekend. I put her hair in individual braids. I think her smile shows just how much she likes her hair .

Her braids after she took them down and just wore crinkles.

Syeda's version of Nubian Knots. She was very pleased and received a lot of compliments from her offline friends and online followers.

All in all our experience with the Manetane beauty products was very positive and we will continue to use the products. The price for the products were very reasonable compared to many of the Black hair care products on the market. The 4 oz Jar Manetane Beauty Hair Food is  $15.00 and the 4 oz Liquid Hair Food (Growth Oil) is $12.00. I'm looking forward to their bringing a shampoo and conditioner to the product line. You can visit the website to learn more and purchase the products by clicking this none affiliate link .

This is a very reasonably priced product by a Black owned company for natural hair. If you have used the product or are going to try it leave a comment below.


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