Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good News: I'm A Branson Centre Mentor

Hi All!

I've been honored to be selected as a mentor for the (Sir Richard) Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship. I'm pleased as punch to have been selected and look forward to having a mentee assigned to me. I was contacted about being a mentor and filled out the application not quite knowing what to expect since my mentee will be in Jamaica. Yes, I have been to Jamaica. I thought about the seminars, speaking engagements, advice and mentoring I have done in the past and decided to go ahead with the process. I plan to play it forward and hope to be as beneficial to my mentee as others have been to me.

The First Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship was founded in 2005 in South Africa. The video below showcases what the Centre in South Africa has been able to accomplish.

 Thinking back to when you first started your business what would your present self advise your start-up self to prepare them for running a business. Kindly leave a comment sharing your pearls of wisdom. If you like this info please share through your social media. 

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  1. First off... CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so awesome!
    Your work is amazing. Well-deserved.

    Do you! No one can tell you what your style or business should be. As long as you follow YOUR passion and work at it, you will be successful.

    Be open! Make what you feel, but don't be afraid to evolve. Evolution will make you better and help your signature style remain current.