Friday, December 21, 2012

Eye Candy Friday Handmade Earrings 12/21/2012

Hi All!

Today's Eye Candy Friday Feature is : Handmade Earrings with an African flair.

All the earrings listed have gemstones or metal components from Africa.

Lapis Lazuli and brass boule beads

Aquamarine and natural pillow pearls

Emerald Chalcedony Faceted and large Bali Sterling silver bead

Red Carnelian and natural pearls earrings.

You can click the links for more info and to purchase.

I have just topped Forty thousand views, when I reach 50K I'm having a giveaway to celebrate.

I will have a giveaway for Kwanzaa and look for a special giveaway beginning January 3, 2013.

Almost forgot, use code BLOG30 for 30% off till Sunday December 23, 2012 at midnight.



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