Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 10/31/2012

Our prayers go out to all affected by Hurricane Sandy.



  1. I live in Brooklyn and NY is doing well, but these photos look as if we are down for the count. The areas near water were hit hard, also consider these homes do have insurance (at least I hope) and there is Government assistance.
    If you know someone in NY NJ or elsewhere, shoot them an email or call to find out first hand. The news has been selling the gloom and loom for the last 3 days. I even went out in the storm (about 4pm) and the Chinese Restaurant was open along with the neighborhood Bodega (this is owned by Arabs).
    Later that night the winds did get pretty strong, but here where I am one tree (which was dead) and that I saw got knocked down.
    Hurricane Sandy will be remembered for ALL the havoc it caused, but it is still no where near the devastation that Hurricanes have caused in many southern states.

    That being said there are still victoms and loss, if you want to help contact:
    Red Hurricane Aid
    Save the to the Hurricane Sandy
    Salvation Army Disaster Relief 2012

  2. Thanks for posting that Cassandra. People should help anyway they can.