Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adding Ads to your Blogger: Passionfruit

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Do you want to sell ads on your blog without having to worry about collecting the money or remembering to take the ad down when it expires? Yes, you can go on Project Wonderful and let folks bid change to have ads on your blog. If that s what you want to do. Many bloggers want to make money and why you're waiting on Google ads to reach $10.00 when you can monetize by using this nifty site.

Passionfruit is an app that handles your ads for you. Here's how it works:

A killer ad shop

Spend a few minutes defining your ad inventory, paste a snippet of code into your sponsor page, and you'll have a professional ad shop ready to go.
The ad shop describes your ad spots, tells your sponsors which spots are still available, and lets your sponsors buy ads right from your website. If a spot is booked, we'll let sponsors reserve a spot for the future.

Automated everything

Passionfruit takes care of all the mundane details so you can focus on the important stuff. We make sure the payment and banner is ready before we bug you. We send the renewal reminders. We keep track of stats (coming soon).
And we're doing more. We've got some pretty crazy tricks up our sleeve and will be giving you even more reasons to laugh at all the work you used to do.

All transactions handled through a secure site. When the ad expires its done.

What does it cost? The usual processing fees 2.9% + $1.00 to Passionfruit. That's it. Check them out here https://app.passionfruitads.com/join

So take a look and let me know what you think? If you're using Passionfruit.com please share your experience.

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  1. Really great info, especially because I haven't heard of Passionfruit before, so it's great to learn! I'm gonna pin it!
    New GFC follower from Blogging Buddies

  2. Glad the info was helpful. Thanks for for the pin.