Friday, August 17, 2012

My People Would Be Surpised to Know List

Hi All!

I'm participating in the 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge. Our challenge for today is to do a list. My list is titled,

1. I raced cars in high school. I never lost a race.

2.  I can swim, but don't.

3. My reading speed is 4x the norm.

4. In spite of the sound of my voice, I couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket. Smile

5. I had both my daughters by natural childbirth and nursed them 11 and 23 months respectively.

6. I'm a chef level cook.

7.  I'm a dancer. Doesn't matter the style. From Belly dancing to Ballet.

8.  I have a short temper for foolishness.

9.  I'm a hunter.

10. I'm almost 58 years old.

What would people be surprised to learn about you. Okay, fess up. 


Looking forward to your answers.


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  1. People are surprise when they find out I am in my 50's. Many people think I am in my 30's.

  2. Then you have been truly blessed. Keep doing what ever it is that's working for you to look so much younger.