Thursday, August 23, 2012

Artist Spotlight Midnight Hollow

Hi All!

I'm featuring a Its Better Handmade Teammate today. Meet Samantha Sawtelle Midnight Hollow (

Samantha is known for her handcrafted accessories but I love her illustrations in her shop.

Here's Samantha's story in her own words.

I live in northern California with my husband, two girls, two cats, and a dog. I work hard at being a mom and an attentive wife...but it is hard! I enjoy hanging out with my husband, puttering around in the garden with the kids, renovating the house, cooking elaborate and stressful meals for large groups of people, and when my two girls let me, creating things in the craft room/ den. I am constantly searching for a balance between modern life and a connection to our beginnings.

With this shop I hope to connect with other like minded people and share my creativity. In the process I hope to find the freedom to make something of myself while still having the time to dedicate to my two beautiful daughters. 

I have decided to only make one of a kind creations because I feel that this gives you (the buyer) a special experience. When you purchase something from one of my shops you can feel confident knowing that you will be the only person to have that special item, weather it be for yourself or a gift for someone you love.

I just expanded some of my items to a new shop so be sure to check it out at where I have a fine art section.
Also If you would like to get to know me more you can go to my facebook profile at and like my page at

Take a look at Midnight Hollow and let us know what you think

See you tomorrow as the 31 day Better Your Bog Challenge continues.


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  1. Thank you for the feature :)I cannot take credit for the illustrations however..That is the work of my talented brother-in-law. Thanks again!


  2. Nice posting...(I am a fellow team member)

  3. Nice feature. I like how she says she focuses on OOAK items to provide that touch for customers.

  4. I love her travel cases and phone cases! Cute shop!