Friday, July 20, 2012

Setting up My Own Website

Hi All! 

 I've been procrastinating about setting up my own handmade shop on my own website. I didn't want to do another site on someone else site. I purchased an account with some time ago and have been playing around with Magento, WordPress and Weebly. I've told you before I get easily distracted by bright shiny things and knowledge. I've finally decided I want to go ahead with a WordPress site using an e-commerce theme and a woo plugin. No, its not finished. I really would like to move my blog to WordPress so I can monetize it. Yet, that I think this is going require a specialist. So I'm now on the hunt for someone.  If you have suggestions of folks you know who have ACTUALLY done a transfer let me know.

So now I've given myself one week to get in gear and get the basic skeleton up. I will show my progress as I move forward.

Now, I'm curious as to where those of you who sell products are finding your markets. So here are my questions?

1. Which social media platform is generating the most sales for you?

2.  Why do you think this platform is out performing others in your case?

3. Are blogs being more effective than social media in driving visitors (sales) to your site?

Suggestions and tips greatly appreciated? Smile



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