Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are You Using Linkedin For Your Business?

Hi All!

I've been on a tear to learn about Linkedin.com. Why? Because my biggest sales on the internet have come from Linkedin. Creatives listen up! Linked in is good for your business. The problem is most of us don't know how to use it. I'm guilty as charged.So me being me, I set out to learn how to use Linkedin. I totally missed this when I set up my page a couple of years ago. http://learn.linkedin.com/training/ Smile.

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Yeah, I did like most of you and jumped in without a good handle on this very interesting platform. I was using the platform for my international side through groups. Most of my groups deal with Africa, doing business in Africa, Black women business owners, women business owners, international trade and social media (IE marketing). While I was sharing my knowing of international trade and the very interesting events happening on the continent, a funny thing started happening, I got sales. Yes, good sales, as in my $100.00 plus pieces.

Now, If you've found a platform that is driving sales for you that's great but don't rule out Linkedin, especially if you have skill sets that go beyond your craft. Consulting pays very well my dears.

Now back to mission. I have been using Linkedin mainly for groups, so when I saw one of my networking groups was hosting a lady called Nancy Laine the Linkedin Concierge, I had to go. She was excellent and yours truly won the free1 hour consultation. When you make the first step the universe will open doors for you. You can view Nancy's profile AND the presentation about 3 inches down here http://linkd.in/MkUwrw. I advise you to view the slideshare and incorporate what she tells you into your profile. Nancy is also available for consultations, if you need additional help or don't want to do it yourself.

EDIT UPDATE: Unless people are in Nancy's network, her Powerpoint will be invisible to them. So log onto LinkedIN, send a connection request to Nancy using her email 0nancy5@gmail.com -- and tell her I sent you.
(Full disclosure if you decide to hire Nancy let me know as I was so pleased with my consultation I'm sharing her info and will receive a referral fee). I'm rewriting my profile to incorporate the changes she suggested and will be doing another consultation with her once I'm done.

Now my questions for you.

1. Have you used Linkedin?

2. Have received business, sales or contacts that have furthered your business goals?

3. If you signed up and never used it are you willing to give it a try again? If not , why not?

See you tomorrow.

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  1. I can say I don't use it as well, there isn't anything to do there. I did however link my blog up to it, so when I post it will appear on Linked In as well. I should look into other ways that will work, but at the moment I am trying to get a handle on Pinterest and the other social networks. I have joined other things but I have to focus better to make it all work. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Hi Cassandra!

      That's great that you connected your blog. For your beautiful wedding dresses I would find groups of younger business women who meet your target audience and connect with them.

  2. Especially if you have skill sets that go beyond your craft. Consulting pays very well dears.

  3. @Konkurrencer på nettet You're correct. Love yor site. Which I coud read it.