Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Handmade Artist Shop

Hi All

I wanted to share my handmade Artists Shop with you. I like this site because EVERYTHING has to be handmade.
I will be adding new items daily and I'm working on my own stand alone store which I hope to have opened before summers end. Always Michelle


  1. I'm trying out store envy myself in an attempt to pull away from Etsy and the whole mess they have going on right now. If it doesn't work out I really like the layout of this one you're on.

    Great work! Very inspiring!

  2. @MagicMonkeyMehendi. Both blogger and are free, but they're not the greatest for SEO. If you can afford to pay $5.00- $20.00 per month for web hosting them go with Many web hosts will install the template that you want free.

    @ you have a very interesting site for sports fans.