Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You A Handmade Artist?

Hi there!

I'm a handmade artist. A wire and fiber artist to be exact.This is my creative side when I am not working with folks to internationalize their business or increase their social media numbers. I know its a lot of work, harder than you've ever worked on a 9-5. But guess what? You get all the benefits of your hard work, so make it count. That's what I love about being a handmade artist it never gets old.

The cowrie shell in wire is my signature piece. I have made too many to count. Yet each time I make a piece its going to come out different due to the natural of wire. That's why I love this art and am not biding my time until I learn metalsmithing. Wire wrap/ sculpting is my ART.

Which is why I reactivated my account with Handmade Artists Forum (HAF). You can find out more about us here. 

I love the HAF logo below.

This is one of my contributions to handmade.

If you like real handmade, then you'll like this site.

Come and visit.

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  1. Thanks for the love Michelle, we are blessed to have you with us!!

  2. Very nice post! I love the Forum feel Blessed to be a part of it!

  3. Nice post, Michelle! I went and wandered your shop - true talent, gorgeous pieces!

  4. Nice post. A HAF fan.

  5. Super post!!! Thanks for joining us at HAF!!

  6. Nice post! Happy you came back. You will never find a better group of people then the HAFteam.

  7. just like grown kids...artists may leave HAF, but they always come back. :~D

  8. Hi Michelle, Welcome back! Those Red Paua Shell Cabochons earrings are GORGEOUS. I enjoyed browsing your shop and you sure can twist that wire to do what you want! Excellent! Hope to see you around the forum.


  9. LOL I have to agree with Yankee Burrow Creations! The forum is a great place to come hang out, post your creations and comment on others - it's definitely a community!

  10. Welcome to HAF and can't wait to see your other creations!