Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We met Steve Madden of Shoe Fame

I'm on every one's sucker,. er invite list. Smile. We're always getting invites to all different kinds of events. Whether its something my daughter has signed me up for at her favorite stores or some person I've met at an event or organization has me on their invite list. Surprise! Surprise they're not all asking for money.

So here's how we met Steve Madden, I got an invite from Dillard's department store to attend the rah rah live visit by STEVE MADDEN. I went because I thought he was one of those nose bleed designers like Manolo Blahnik. Boy was I surprised. His shoes were reasonably priced, max a hundred and fifty dollars. Although one table held a variety of shoes with heels that would give you nosebleed. I can't say a word I pledged my sorority in a 4 inch spike and I'm five  ten. My sorority shirt had iron maiden on one sleeve and amazon on the other. I won the southern belle award for my line. (Symbol of the southern belle , an iron fist inside a lace glove). Amazon became the name of my first company. Before there was an Amazon.com, there was an Amazon Trading Company.

Back to Steve Madden, I have to give full credit to whoever the event planner was. They kept the energy up, the music pumping (the DJ was excellent, keeping great a blend of old and new, but never dull music going.) The mistress of ceremony Julissa can't remember her last name but she was billed as a celebrity host. She was very good at keeping things from getting dull. Lots of shoes were given out. Everyone who came out received a picture with Madden, a bag and a T-shirt. I wore the shirt the next day to Scottsdale's Celebration of Australia, New Zealand and Native Cultures and had folks requesting that I leave the shirt with them. Smile

The event flowed very smoothly and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Have you met a celebrity? If so share when and how you met them and your reaction.


  1. Sounds like my kind of event. Great pics Michelle.

  2. Great event. I would have loved to be there.