Thursday, April 19, 2012

I can relate to the Cubans under the American Embargo

This is an article the Kansas City paper listed below. Do you think its time we lifted the embargo againt Cuba?. We do business with Russia? Why not Cuba?

  In Cuba, international businesses abound just not from the US By KEVIN G. HALL AND FRANCO ORDONEZ McClatchy Newspapers HAVANA -- Leaving Jose Marti International Airport in this capital city, a billboard reminds vividly of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba. It shows a noose with the phrase, "Blockade: The Longest Genocide in History." The embargo, partially imposed in 1960 and fully in place two years later, is not a blockade. That's clear by the abundance of foreign goods and investment in Cuba. It is a blockade, however, in the sense that U.S. companies are blocked from doing business in Cuba. That hasn't stopped their international competitors from Canada, Mexico, Brazil and even China from setting up shop. It's striking when visiting the island just how much the rest of world now trades with, invests in and sends tourists to Cuba. Just drive east from Havana on the Via Blanca highway along the northwestern coast and toward Varadero, the Cuban resort city where Europeans, Canadians and efore you reach Varadero's beaches, there are plenty of reminders of globalization. Near the town of Santa Cruz del Norte, China's Greatwall Drilling Co. is searching for oil in cooperation with the Cuban state oil company known as Cupet. Some workers sport red jumpsuits with the company's GWDC logo. Much of the machinery was made in Romania during the era of Soviet control over the East Bloc. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, expected to become his nation's next leader in 2013, visited the joint venture in June. Greatwall has developed more than 63 wells in Cuba since 2005, the newspaper China Daily reported then. Greatwall's parent company, the China National Development Corp., won a contract in 2010 to expand a Cuban oil refinery jointly owned with Venezuela's state oil company, PDVSA. Just down the road from Santa Cruz del Norte, the Canadian flag flies in a joint venture between Cuba's stat Read more here:

I can relate to the Cubans
I had the ocassion to meet the Cuban Attache(?) to Washington at an event in Detroit many years ago. He was a tall Black man, light complexioned like myself. I was really saddened when he told me that in Cuba before the Revolution he was not even allowed to clean toilets. Those of African descent no matter what your complexion were virtually slaves in their own country.

I could relate, I remember when Coleman Young was elected Mayor of Detroit.  Eugene Harrington a local reporter was standing in front of a burning building and stated,"The last one out turn off the lights."

Twenty years later the TV station made him go back to Twelfth Street, now Rosa Parks Boulveard. There was a middle aged gentleman sitting on his front porch down the street from the shopping center Black folks had built. When Harrington walked up to him, the man recognized him and stated," I remember you! You're the reporter who said, The last one out turn off the light." "Well guess what, the lights still burning."

This was during a time when the Mayor of Dearborn publicly stated,"Any Black caught in Dearborn after dark was taking their life in their hands."

Seems like the more things change the more they remain the same. Rest in peace Trayvon Martin.

All said the embargo against Cuba is just STUPID. Those who fled Cuba after the revolution are just still po'd that they lost their plantation master lifestyle in Cuba.

The time is now for America to stop being the dog wagged by its tail and do the right thing by lifting this embargo.

Small business America will thank you.

Please leave you comments and left me know, yea or nay what you think.


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