Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Has Facebook Increased Your Sales?

Okay tell the truth, has facebook increased your sales comparable to the time and effort that you put into it. Yes I know a million, gazillion people are joining everyday. But, does that really mean anything for you as a business. I'm only concerned with small business here, as in less than a million in sales a year. Is facebook working for you? Have you been able to increase your customer base (ie. sales) through your "engagement" on facebook?

From where I'm standing it seems that as soon as business gets a handle on how to use facebook the rules change and you're back to square one. To me it appears as soon as you have your sales funnel in place they move the truck. Now its seems that if your not paying the premium you're not engaged enough to be seen. I hope I'm reading the landscape incorrectly. Please share with me what your record has been, successes and failures. Don't be afraid , we all have both its part of the learning process.

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Okay its show and tell time. Please share your experiences and add any lessons learned or details you are comfortable sharing. I think my readers and I will appreciate the sharing.

I almost forgot, please let us know if facebook has increased your base internationally.

Looking forward to your comments.


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