Friday, April 6, 2012

Don't You Just Love Activist Women?

A group of activist women sent a message to the Arizona legislature to let them know just how irate they were or the Arizona Conception bill. The bill in question is the  failed contraception bill (House Bill 2625) sponsored by Representative Debbie Lesko R-Glendale which would have allowed any business or insurance company to opt out of coverage for contraception prescribed to prevent pregnancy. The bill was backed by the The Arizona Catholic Conference, the lobbying are of the state's bishops. (Aren't non profits prohibited from lobbying. Don't response that they are the bishops not the church. The money comes from the same source.)

The wonderful ladies used an interesting medium to get their message across.... KNITTED UTERUSES


The pink uteruses were delivered with the message to "Please treat the women in your life as intelligent persons they are. I have provide you with a uterus. Please leave ours alone" Peggy Tinsley.

Legislators like Debbie Lesko need to be shown that you don't betray womenkind just to show you have balls. You don't.

Don't you just love it when the silent majority speaks up. Women are going to have to speak up. No longer can we wait on someone else to deal with these incessent attempts to take us back to medieval times. The time for the silent majority to speak up is now, or be permanently SILENTED for another hundred years.

Let me know what you think on this matter.



  1. Those knitted uteruses (uteri?) are hysterical!

  2. There's always a way to make a creative point. Smile

  3. I love it, Love it! Love it!!! Hopefully, they will leave my uterus alone after getting one of their own. lol.

  4. Very creative way of fighting back!

  5. Feel free to share this ladies. We are going to have to "speak up" in many different voices to stop the assault on women.

  6. Loving sometimes takes something different to get attention

  7. "I have provided you with a uterus. Please leave ours alone."
    Love it! This body's mine, what the heck!

  8. Although, I have had all the kids I will ever have. There are people out there that wants to have children and can AFFORD them. I know this is an issue that affects us all. I AGREE WHOLE HEARTILY. LEAVE OUR UTERUS ALONE. KEEP YOURS IN TACK! This is an outrage. Thanks Michelle for speaking your mind.
    GOD has never made a mouth, that a piece of bread would not be in. If we take care of our own backyard, we would not have to go over in someone else to run.

  9. Most women agree that women should make their own decisions - they have to live with them. Many men agree that most women should have the right to make their own decisions, especially about their own contraceptive rights and products. Some men take that responsibility seriously and provide the devises, themselves. However, the men who believe that women have no right to determine how to use their reproductive organs need an attitude adjustment and someone telling them how to use theirs.