Monday, March 19, 2012

Will the Presidential Election Affect Your Business?

Hi All!

As I started preparing for this week, I saw that Romney had won Puerto Rico's primary, my mind wandered off on what the presidential election would mean to me as a businessperson. I am not sure as none of the candidates in the republican primary have stated anything of substance that I could wrap my mind around. The process so far has been totally negative and of very little substance as to what the candidates would hope to accomplish if elected. I think many like me have just buzzed out of the whole election process  until we have the final Democratic and Republican challengers to review.

I have always been a politically active person, my father demanded it of us when we were growing up. Yet this year I am already sick of the candidates, the negativity and the auto dialer's with their stupid campaign messages that say NOTHING.

Tis a sad and sorry state that our politics have degenerated to. I used to love to watch the debates as they gave you an inkling as to how the candidate handled pressure, his thought process and many times his intellect. (Remember George W. Bush. You had to work pretty hard to lose a debate to him. )

Folks wonder why the young folks are so turned off by the process. The young look at the process and consider it a joke and it has truly become a joke. Silent American has to reclaim its clout and bring our country back to her glory and stop letting this travesty of our country continue.

What are your feeling during this election season? Have you buzzed out? Are you working for a candidate? I would like to hear from you whether you're in or outside the US.

Enjoy the week


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