Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Pieces from my Bead Stash

Hi All!

I've been going through my stash of beads and stones creating new pieces or finishing others. I have beads and gemstones that I purchased over 20 years ago. Beautiful stone that would cost an arm and a leg for now. Smile I finally finished a big stone pink Peruvian opal and pillow pearls bracelet set that had been in my cabinet for some time. The opal has a flat facet to it that highlights the matrix. I love the matrix in the Peruvian opal. See for your self.

Another piece I had placed in my cabinet waiting completion was a beautiful green aventurine faceted barrel and pink sarovski crystal necklace.

Simply lovely.

If you would like to more information or to purchase either piece send me an email.

Have a great day.



  1. Love the opal bracelet. Dropped by from the Etsy Blog Team. Just so you know the link you've posted there did not work. Had to edit it in my address bar to make it work.

  2. Thanks I had to go back and edit hootesuite for the additional posts.

  3. I love beads too recently but colourful ones. The pastel ones you used on your project look nice! Loving the necklace <3

    via EBT

  4. Thanks for the comment Dita. I checked out your blogs. Loving the Handmade Nest on blogger. Very impressed that you can keep 4 blogs going.