Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Birthday Celebration Day 2

I was reminiscing about the last 57 years and thinking about what I would consider as the highlights of my life. I think my greatest accomplishment are my two beautiful, smart and talented daughters. I was truly blessed. I never thought about having kids. I had a childhood ailment that everyone involved believed had rendered me sterile. So it was a big surprise when I got pregnant at 34 and again at 42.

I'm old school so I had both my daughters with midwifes. Raven in the hospital and Syeda at home. Home birth trumps hospital  any day. I did not want my kids to have any drugs in their system. I threatened to do bodily harm to the hospital midwife if she slapped Raven or caused trauma in any way. The hospital midwifes were not well trained. I had a tremendous lose of blood and came home with both  arms in splints. Enough said, I'm getting angry just thinking about it. Yes, race placed a factor.

With Syeda my home birth midwives were awesome. I delivered standing up.in front of two blonde Unity carvings. At first baby girl did not want to come. My midwife's nine month old son  crawled under the table and got behind me and called to her in baby talk. She then delivered.

I nursed my girls 11 and 23 months respectively.   With Raven, I had to stop nursing because I went to work for the Detroit City Council and pumping for me did not work. With Syeda I was working for the Detroit Board of Education which allowed only six weeks maternity leave. I'll never forget when I called in to quit. The elder who took my resignation asked why I was resigning. When I said my six weeks were up and I was still nursing and didn't want to leave my baby, she replied "God Bless you dear".

Raven and Syeda have like all kids stretched the boundaries of my knowledge and patience. Raven my eldest is a super sales woman and recently left Tiffany's and took a pay cut to obtain experience in human resources. She went to work at Torneau the high end watch company at Fashion Square at 18. Her manager later told me that they had never hired an 18 year old and weren't supposed to hire Raven. They were blown away by her retail experience and the fact that she made personal and store quota from the time she wanted in the door

Syeda my baby girl will enter high school this year. (Time really does fly). Both my girls are artistic and Syeda amazingly so. Her design eye is amazing. She won her first artist competition at nine.  She's attended several sessions at Scottsdale Artist School. At age 4 Syeda took gemstone beads put Shea butter on the back of them and did a mosaic on my wall. Me being me, I showed it to several well known artists who all told me to not let public school limit her talent . Her work has been copied and stolen. I showed her work to her elementary school art teacher  who informed me that students were copying her work already. Syeda has a very unique way of drawing people. We have been blessed with teachers and classes that sought to enhance her natural skills instead of pigeonholing her.

My girls have nerve wracking, joyous and stretched me beyond limits I didn't know existed. I feel truly blessed to have my daughters. I give thanks for them every day. Smile

I thank the Creator for blessing me with them in my life.

Check in tomorrow as I continue reminiscing all week about these first 57 years.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Native Detroiter (woo woo). I did natural birthing with my daughter also, had hospital births with the boys due to circumstances. Natural was definitely a better experience. Happy 57 and here's to 57 more!

  2. So impressed with this story, you must tweet, post, etc again for Mothers Day!!

    Anyway, on the copied stolen art subject, what's interesting about that is she will continue to create and be amazing, thieves can only steal and their ideas are limited. Your daughter(s) are limitless.
    This is an amazing account of life and how you are finding joy in each of your 57 years.

    Loved this so much!! I am living in my 55th year (or I guess my 56th, birthday was in Nov), and this gave me inspiration to be even more grateful.

    Thanks so much for this insightful journey.

  3. This is such a beautiful story about your life! It truly touched my heart and gave inspiration. I had a nerve wrecking day today with one of my girls and I then had to let it go. Then she made my day again with her loving ways. I thank the Creator everyday for my beautiful children. This post gave me a glimpse of the future, my girls are under age 10. This gives me inspiration to keep pushing forward some days will be rough and some will be smooth, however, each day is a lesson. Thank you!

  4. Thank you ladies for the comments. Please check back I will be celebrating andblogging the rest of this week about this amazing journey the Creator has blessed me to have.

  5. Love reading these stories. Thank you for sharing your life with us.