Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating M.L. Kings Legacy

Today is the national day of celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King and the legacy of his Life's work. People all around the country will come together to celebrate this champion human rights using nonviolence to secure those rights. People all over the globe are using Dr. Kings methods to secure basic human rights. Many times they are met with brutal oppression as Blacks in America were (Remember Sheriff Bull Conner and his ilk). Yet it is human natural to want to be treated as worthy. Dr. King was a beacon of light to all the oppressed to stand up and reclaim your dignity and humanity.

Today my family and I will celebrate Dr. King's legacy in Tempe, Arizona at their diversity brunch. Later in the day we will participate in a volunteer project as we have done since my children were very young.

I will post again the highlights of the day later on. 

What are you doing today to serve others?


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