Monday, December 5, 2011

QRS and Text Codes Explained for the Rest of Us

Do you know what QRS and Short (Text) codes are? I'm going to explain then for the non techies as they are the best marketing tools going. Both have a greater open rate than email. Lets start with QR codes or Quick Response codes.  These are scannable bar codes just like the grocery store that you embed pieces of info about your business. Mashable does a great job on explaining on video how they are created and how to use them. 

My QR code for this blog.

The main thing I want you to take away is that they are good for business because the world is increasingly using their mobile phones for everything. You need to put your QR code on everything. Folks are more likely to respond to qr code or text messaging them to any other medium. You know yourself that you'll respond to a text message even as you ignore emails.

Short codes are five or six digit numbers that you assign a word to so that customers can text to receive information , discounts and promotions about your business.  The short codes are expensive so many use a service like I do to get your text word assigned. The word assigned to your short codes are those one word advertising messages you are accustomed to using to receive discounts for fast food.  Yes, you can use them for business. Mine is "jewelry" to 41242 for a discount code that can be used on my jewelry site (
formerly wirequeen.

Text messages are great because you can also add your location and once someone is on your text list if they're near your shop they can receive a text giving them a discount or info on specials you are having. 

To sign up for your own text or short code go here use promo code mshawkins55 to receive 10% off your first month. 

Please leave questions or comments as these as I noticed there is a lot of confusion about these two great marketing tools.

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