Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kwanzaa Day 7 Imani FAITH

Habari Gani       Response  Imani

Kwanzaa Day 7  IMANI (eeMAHnee) Faith  

Today is New Years Day and the last day of Kwanzaa. It is fitting that it is IMANI, which represents our faith that a better world can be created for the community now and in the future. Take note that each day of Kwanzaa focuses on how we can serve and be a part of the larger community. This is a cultural celebration not a religious one. It doesn't matter what your religious believe is or even if you are an Atheist. Use Kwanzaa to step out of  yourself, your small circle of family and friends.  Look around you to see what you can do to impact and make the larger community and world better. Have the believe that, "Yes, I can make a difference". Then just go out and do it. 

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