Friday, December 30, 2011

Kwanzaa Day 5 NIA Purpose

Habari Gani           Response NIA

Kwanzaa Day 5 NIA (nee-AH)    Purpose (sense of)

Have you found your PURPOSE in life? One of the big marketing emphasis of life coach's is finding your passion/ PURPOSE in life and promoting that. Yet few of us know our purpose. For many its trial and error to find the purpose that  gives us joy and ignites our passion.

More importantly how is your purpose for being here serving the community. We are not islands,but individuals within a larger community. NIA is a time to focus on how you can serve the greater good (Purpose). Many hide behind the excuse that ,"I'm just one person". That's not acceptable, even the youngest child can contribute even if its just to pick up a piece of litter off the sidewalk. Notice when a child is given a simple task, they stand up a little straighter. Why? because they feel good about being able to contribute. If a child can recognize the value of helping than we should also. Each contribution no matter how small adds up when its thrown into the pot. You give $5.00 and 5 hours to an organization that is doing good things in the community that you like. If fifty other people do the same thing that nonprofit remains viable and can continue its good works. You start or sign a petition to right something that has occurred.  You are serving the greater community. So don't ever think that you or your voice doesn't matter. You are as important as anyone else.

I am very thankful for my Daddy who taught me that money, fame , position did not make anyone better than me. The only one who was better than me was the one who did more good deeds than me. (My Daddy was a staunch Christian who walked his talk.)

So on this the fifth day of Kwanzaa take time to reflect on what your NIA is.  How will YOU will serve the greater good?


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