Monday, December 26, 2011

Kwanzaa Day 1 Umoja Unity

What started out as a way for African Americans to reconnect with self, family and community has now been embraced by many worldwide.

The guiding principles of Kwanzaa (the Nguzo Saba) are;
1. Umoja-Unity
2. Kujichagulia-Self determination
3. Ujima-Collective work and responsibility
4. Ujama-Cooperative Economics
5. Nia_Purpose
6. Kuumba-Creativity
7. Imani-Faith

I have celebrated Kwanzaa for many years. I like the fact that it comes after Christmas. We have used Kwanzaa as a time of reflection and to share as a family and community. What's especially nice is the ceremony of lighting a candle each day as a family. I have celebrated this day by myself when I was single, but it is much nicer as a family.

There are so many ways you can share Kwanzaa. My single friends and I have each taken a night to host the celebration so that we didn't have to do it alone. Great way to strengthen the bonds of your Sister Circle. There are so many activities that you can find on the net for the kids to do each day makes Kwanzaa a wonderful way to make family memories.

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa titled Umoja which is Unity. For me this is a time to reflect on how I can make a difference by bringing people together. I use my facebook page ( for this purpose. My page is like the United Nations. You will find many races,cultures and opinions. People I may totally disagree with on some issues and share the same positions on others. Yet we are adult enough to agree to disagree with out animosity or snideness. If you can't handle that then you leave my page.

Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? If you do how do you celebrate? If not, why not? Please leave a comment.

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