Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering September 11

I think all Americans are taking time to reflect on what September 11 and the events that occurred that day. I think what you were doing is burned into our collective psyche. Why? This was the first time war and the destruction which insures was brought home. We had never before faced an enemy on our own turf. I believe that Americans considered the destructive we wrote in other countries like a video game or a movie. People were being killed over there but it wasn't really real for us. They were the "Other" and everyday Americans had no frame of reference other than the movies. We had no emotional tie ends. You might see a Mother wailing over the loss of her loved ones after a missile went awry, but there was no emotional response from Americans. We are not a heartless people just the opposite.  Yet the average American had no frame of reference for the scale of destruction a single missile or airplane could cause. We just didn't get it.

Until September 11. We the Average American was forever changed by what we saw. We were shaken in our collective boots. I think until 9/11 we considered ourselves invincible and untouchable, after all We are Americans. That was our collective psyche because we had no other frame of reference until September 11 brought us into the real world. This generation of America will forever be changed by the events of 9/11 and its aftermath.

The question is did we learn ANYTHING from it?

God Bless America may she forever be strong and compassionate.

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