Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Angano…Angano…Tales from Madagascar Make Your Own

Angano…Angano…Tales from Madagascar

This is so cool I had to share it. My Daddy instilled in us a love of folktales, animal history (?) (We watched National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau with him). He loved the program "Sea Hunt" because it showed you  deep sea life forms.

If you fortunate enough not to have your kids going back to school until after labor day, now is the time to make those memories. One of my fondest memory is my Daddy teaching us to swim at Belle Isle. All of sudden he told us come out the water. The next thing we knew Daddy was swimming towards Canada. People all along the beach started cheering him on. The Coast Guard stopped him at the international boundary. They had him rest and the he swam back.
You know that was bragging rights for years. Daddy said he wanted to see if he could do it. Mommy just shook her head. Daddy's an Ancestor now but my friends still fondly remember that day.

What you do doesn't have to be that dramatic, it can be corny as heck. Take a staycation or a over night trip and sing all the songs you know they don't want you to sing. (Especially if you're like me and can't carry a tune in a bucket). Smile Make those memories your kids will treasure them forever, even as they complain and moan now. Smile


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