Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wireless Jewelry

I have been on a tear since I did the challenge piece. I've made hairpieces and brooches without using wire. Some of the pieces like the brooches above I just didn't want anything distracting from the beauty of the gemstone. My camera skills were not up to capturing the beauty of this stone. The first stone is a beauty and highly polished. The second stone has no pitting its smooth and flawless.

I wanted something you could wear with the man tailored suits or sweaters which go with the seventies look. I know a lady who retired from a high level corporate job last year and one of the things we had talked about was her having to re-femininize(?) herself.  I had noticed the higher up a woman went on the corporate later the less feminine she had to come across so I asked this lady about my observation. She stated matter of factly, That if you wanted to be taken seriously you had to one of the boys. There was nothing "Butch" about this lady but it was obvious she had taken steps to defemin. Very little jewelry, expensive man tailored suits. Even when wearing a skirt the suits were mannish.

So I created these brooches with the intention of feminizing the man tailored look without screaming"Look at me I'm female".

Was I successful?  What's you take on this issue?

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