Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Reasons I sell on venue

I sell on two sites. Lets talk about today. Artfire was the second site I started selling on.

These are the top five reasons I'm sticking with

1. Ease of set-up- For this tech phobic person it was breeze to set-up. I also love that Artfire doesn't make you sign up to purchase on this venue. Many like myself are tired of having to sign in and can't keep with the sites we are signed into. I think there's a backlash coming regarding this. Any site that demands I sign up to look I ignore now.

2. PRICE-I went pro with the $5.95 deal and anyone who complains about 6.00 a month to sell isn't serious about selling. That's less than $2.00 a week.  Even if I open another shop at $9.95 per month you can't beat the price. This is a no brainer. I just wish they would let us pay for multiple months at a time instead of this take it out every month thing.

3. I've gotten sales on Artfire when I was doing nothing here and directing my marketing efforts and money to the other sell site. Google Analytics showed I had five times more people going to my other site than to Artfire. NO SALES on the other site. Yet Artfire had me on the first pages for my key words. My return on investment (ROI) has been much greater on Artfire.

4. When I have asked for help or posed a question on Artfire I got answers without my character being attacked or  people spouting off without  reading what I had written.

5. Administration on Artfire is constantly working to stay on top of the changes (GA, Facebook, etc) that impact the venue and it shows. When I google my keywords Artfire has me on the first page for most of my words.

I got some bad advice when I signed up and used my name instead of my branded business name thinking that would cause a conflict on the search engines. If I could just change to my business name I could shut the other site down and focus solely on ARTFIRE my name is too branded to give it up.

Artfire currently has a special going for signing up.  If you have or purchase a pro  account refer someone, they get their third month free and you get a free month. Here's  the link

Have a great week end.

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  1. I've spotted many of my own items on the first pages of search results too! These are all wonderful reasons to join Artfire! :]