Monday, May 23, 2011

Feature Monday:TheBohemian Gyspy Revisited

The Bohemian Gypsy in her own words.

Hi, I've had many misadventures that have lead me to be the artist that I am today. Some skills I learned thru classes some were self taught. My creative learning is a long winding never ending road with a lot of stops along the way. Here are a few of my stops.

My first creative vibe was in grade school in art class. We were making ash trays from clay. I made mine rectangle with diamonds going around it and every one else made the traditional round. That was my first adventure outside the box.

Then when I was older, I saw a watch in a boutique that was covered in crystals,I put it in layaway and after I had it for a while ,it broke. Well, at the local craft stores you couldn't buy Australian crystals so I thought If I took a jewelry class I could find out where all the magic stores were with all the pretty stones. Well the class turned out being a metal smithing class and the teacher had no idea where to get crystals so instead I learned how to pierce cut, form and forge metal and sterling silver.

I loved going to the antique stores. I would buy unique shaped purses and jewelry from a time gone by ,(when it was o.k. to be a girl). The jewelry was so fragile that often it would break or I would lose stones from it. Because the piece was so different I couldn't bare to throw it away ,so I started turning the broken parts into a new piece of jewelry and using parts as a clasp on a purse . Thus starting the use of antique crystals in my pieces.

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