Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wirequeen Playing with Wire: My Creative Process Bracelet

I wanted to give you a peek into my creative process. I've not had  formal schooling in making jewelry, but I've had wonderful life teachers who shared their jewelry making knowledge with me.

I was feeling good. I had gotten some of the paperwork and housework out the way (which for me totally stifles my creativity) Smile. I sat down with wire and some trays of  beads and cabochons I've had for a long time. (Maybe 10 years). I had several large octagon Ocean Jasper beads with beautiful markings. The holds were too small and uneven for the wire to go through. I wasn't doing any drilling today. They were too heavy to use smaller than 20 gage wire in. I had these eye beads for awhile, They are  maybe 2 inches high domed with a wonderful hard polish to them. These three eye beads called to me so I pulled them from the tray and just started turning them over in my hand. I picked up a piece of copper square wire and it wouldn't go through. Hum. Round 18 gage wire was too large. 20 gage worked. The holes start at the end of the bead, and go in for a .5 inch and then come out the back of  the bead instead of going all the way through. I linked the beads. I didn't like any of the the chain I had. I had some coils I had already made some earrings from and was going to make loc/braid  jewelry with the rest. I flattened a coil with my pliers and used that instead of  chain. You see the completed bracelet in the pictures.

What's your creative process?. Inquiring minds want to know? Smile

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