Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How is Blogging For Your Business Going?

Well how's it going? I started out playing with my Blog, now I'm serious. I started out posting pictures and events my daughter and I were going to here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Spa Valley as I jokingly refer to it. I wasn't even posting about my jewelry nor was I consistent. Did not have a plan in place. Now I'm the SEO Queen. Google loves me, I generally keep five pieces of jewelry on the first 1 or 2 pages in their category. I'm all over Google. Type my name in or wirequeen and see what I mean.

Now that I started consistently post I getting more repeat views. I've had over 700 people come to my blog since I added the flag counter about 2 months ago. I challenged myself to post everyday in November and I did it. I announced the challenge and I what day and subjects I would be posting after the challenge. I 'm an early riser between 3-5am, but I have people at my blog before me. I had to learn how to schedule my postings. Scheduling posts was the easy part, that's why I had to set up a schedule of what I was going to post on specified days. Hard for me because I was doing a breaking news kind of format. Now I am using the tools and trying to stay on track about my subject matter. I will have to start a wordpress blog for my information,grant,job and other communtiy awareness news. That blog will go live this month (

So where are you with your Blog? Is it getting your brand before the public? Or are you just having fun.?

Inquiring minds what to know. SMILE

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