Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Featured Arts Organization: Artizona

Arizona Consortium for the Arts (Artizona) is my featured arts organization. They are a 501 (C)(3) which serves as an umbrella for many forms of art; from folkloric to jazz; adult to child they encompass the entire community. Founded by world renowned painter Elena Thornton. Bringing Artizona has been a labor of love for her, not unlike birthing a child into this world. The beauty of watching it grow in your mind hoping others will see your vision and share it. Seeing your baby take its first wobbly steps (obtaining non-profit status, having rendering done for the building you would like to see house your baby ie its crib (smile).

The quarterly magazine is packed full of news and info for the arts community. and their month newsletter is so backed with arts info and opportunities it the must read of the month if you are an artist or organization.

The entire operation is totally run by dedicated volunteers. Every dime you donate goes into making the arts accessible to everyone.

The lady Elena herself who dreams and strive to get her baby to the finish line. She believes that all of the arts should be accessible to the community. After all, isn't that what community is all about.

As always click on the the title to be visit their website.

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