Monday, February 14, 2011

Featured Artist Kenneth George Bell Poet and Writer

My featured artist today is Kenneth George Bell affectionately known as "KG". Kg is a personal friend that is have not seen in ages. KG writes the most extraordinary poetry which showcases his love for "Women especially Black Women". When I read his "Ode to Black Mothers", I cried and I was a Mother back then!

KG is originally from Trinidad and we have mutual friends in common. He is such a good guy. He found out my Mother was coming to town and gave a dinner party to welcome her to Houston. He had us to come over early and I learned to cook Trinidad style. I still what my Trini roti. Smile

Sorry, I am not computer savvy enough to put the the YouTube tv on here so please click on the link to view KG speaking.

Kenneth George Bell in his own words

Happy Valentines Day.!

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