Monday, December 6, 2010

Zapped by Computer Virus Spent Weekend Putting in my 5 hrs or $5.00

Hi All the computer Virus was worse than expected. My poor computer was wait listed to be repaired, so a lot of folks have been zapped this holiday season. I hope to have it today. My blogging everyday this month went out the window will try for everyday in January.

I spent Friday and Saturday at an expo (Phoenix Urban Expo) fundraising for the Cultural Cup Food Bank in Phoenix. A small food bank at Osborn and 7th Street that services the immediate area.

There is nothing I can think of during this time of year than to stand at the door and tell a family that you have run out of food. So please make a donation, even if its only $5.00. They can do amazing things with 5 bucks.

So I'm well over my five $5.00 /5 hours for the month. Now is the time to help others, if you do it no other time of the year, do it now. Where ever you are, no matter what you're going through, go help someone else. Helping others will allow you to step back from your problems, will give you a new outlook on your problems. After you help someone else it allows you to look at your situation with fresh eyes. You will be surprised at how you will be stronger to handle your situation after helping another. Your spirit and heart will be lighter.

The wirequeen is stepping off her soapbox. :) Click on the title to make a donation and go out and find some small nonprofit working in the community that is doing good work. Donate some time, you be the one receiving the benefits.


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