Friday, December 24, 2010

Are Ready For the Big Day?

Are you ready for the big day?


Gifts wrapped.  

Extra stocking stuffers for those unexpected guests. (You know there are always some adult and kids)

Groceries all purchased. (Check those spices jars/cans to make sure there's actually enough spice in them to do cooking)

House decorated or at least smelling good. Put out scented candles and light so they scent the house. I favor apple pie. Smile

Turkey or centerpiece meat seasoned and ready to cook.

Pies cakes and other assorted desserts cooked or ready to pop in the oven. Those who are assigned to bringing a dish have checked in that they'll be there.

As much as can be prepped has been done.

Tonight you will do everything and then pop the turkey in the oven.

Draw a hot scented bath. Lock the door light a candle.  Put on your favorite music and just soak for a half hour.
You have the right to enjoy the holiday too. Tommorrow will be a long day so center yourself so that no one can move you from your center. NO matter who she is.SMILE

To all my friends who celebrate the season remember the real reason for it and enjoy.


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