Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Signature Designs

My signature design is the cowrie shell in sterling silver. The cowrie shell has had many different applications since the first person picked up a shell to use. In western Africa the Cowrie was used as the first medium of exchange. In some parts of western Africa, if there are not enough cowrie shells presented there will be no marriage.
In other cultures the cowrie has been deemed the symbol of the Divine Vulva the ultimate symbol of the feminine. Asians have used it as a good luck symbol keeping the shells in their bureau drawers. Gypsies consider it the strongest talisman there is. Native Americans traded with Africans and used the shell as adornment in the ritual garments. Make of this what you will.
I wore locks for seven years and made lock sleeves with cowrie shells to adore my locks. I will began making them again using the cowrie shell with copper, brass and sterling silver. I'll announce here when I've gotten them added to my sites this week. I have to finish photographing them. (Not my strongest talent) Smile.
So check back for my new pieces, the launch of my website and specials on my facebook page.
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Have a great week.

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